“Philosophy is what powers our struggle to be victorious in life.”

“Philosophy is what powers our struggle to be victorious in life.” – Daisauku Ikeda

From “Lectures on The Opening of the Eyes”  A series of articles by Daisauku Ikeda on the writings of Nichiren Daishonin, this sentence contains both the wisdom and encouragement to develop a comprehensive understanding of life and the universe and a stronger, more knowledgeable sense of inner self that can transform suffering into joy while contributing to a more peaceful society.

Ikeda further encourages readers to become eternal “doctors of philosophy”, and “illuminate the deepening darkness of modern society with brilliant light.”

The next to last paragraph in the book is equally motivating:

“The fighting spirit of one person who takes up the challenge to battle negative forces can inspire a stand-alone spirit in the heart of another and then another in an unending chain reaction. As the number of such courageous individuals steadily spreads, people throughout the land will come to ‘open their eyes’. There is no greater act of compassion than conveying this spirit of unceasing challenge to others.”

… and the last sentence:

“The time for us to challenge ourselves is now.”

I think this can be applied to any discipline – music, art, science, religion, or the pursuit of happiness for oneself and others. As Charlie Parker put it, “Now’s The Time”.

… Garrison

[excerpts from “Lectures on The Opening of the Eyes” by Daisauku Ikeda. First Edition published 2007 by Soka Gakkai Malaysia. email: publication@sgm.org.my]


~ by Garrison Fewell on February 27, 2009.

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