The lines of separation were brilliantly blurred…

As a composer, it is a constant challenge for me to reach into the depths of my life to find new melodies, new tunes, ones that can perhaps inspire emotion or thought. As a performer playing mostly improvised and creative music, it is also a challenge to overcome any obstacle that might inhibit the creative spirit from flowing freely. There are many of these, from simply being too tired from lack of sleep, long rides to reach the venue, poor sound, lack of concentration, inattentive audiences, or numerous other variables.

It helps knowing that there is a wellspring of creativity at hand that can be employed in any moment. Confidence, patience, experience and anticipation of the moment when creativity is let loose and we step out of the way to allow the dance to take place. A balance between transient and eternal, between mistakes and beauty. The process is engaging and when the music stimulating, there is always the feeling that the search itself is most enjoyable. I delight in the successful moments, having quickly adjusted from the previous instant where beauty was perhaps not the first quality to rise to the surface.

There are those points in time where past, present and future become one and we are carried along by the creative spirit into a new realm where we can instantly make connections between seemingly unrelated ideas. Last week, the last tune on the set in a trio with saxophonist Charlie Kohlhase and bassist John Voigt, the intensity reached a level where all our sounds became one and I could no longer tell which notes were coming from my instrument or someone else’s, where the totality of the music was greater than the parts, the individual roles overlappingto produce a new, ethereal experience, observing what is happening more than making it happen. The tune was Long Distance Unity and before playing it, all I called for was to reach for the peak of chaos, leaving no holes unfilled.

The lines of separation were brilliantly blurred for a short time, but long enough to remember for a while.

… garrison

Here is a quote by Daisaku Ikeda about art that I find very inspiring:

“Art is the expression of human spirituality. The soul of an artist seeks to be united with the ultimate reality: cosmic life. Art purifies the inner self and has the power to unite people with each other. Our art also enables others to experience the universal spirit in their own life and so it works to unite us as human beings.”

— Daisaku Ikeda


~ by Garrison Fewell on March 8, 2009.

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