VDSO Limited Edition (less density, just as variable)

We played at the Zeitgeist in Cambridge, Inman Sq. with a smaller version of the “Variable Density Sound Orchestra.”  http://zeitgeist-outpost.org/

Even though we were was less dense by 4 members (our new recording features a 9-piece band with Roy Campbell and Steve Swell) there was Eric Hofbauer and myself on guitars, John Voigt on bass, Kelly Roberge on tenor and Miki Matsuki on drums.

Eric and I often experience musical moments where we hear sounds but can’t tell from what instrument they are coming from when it all bleds in together to form a universal sound.  The individual voices become one, and many at the same time, creating a transcendent alternate universe where I can see my fingers on the frets, the violin bow moving back and forth across the strings, my pick scraping or the slide slipping back and forth, but the notes which are emanating from my instrument are no longer those which I can “see” being played, and what I hear is something ethereal, coming from a higher plane, that can’t be produced with conscious effort.

Very cool… it was a small venue, large universe… and we filled the space accordingly.



~ by Garrison Fewell on June 10, 2009.

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  1. Perfect!

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