March 20: Fermento, Milan. w/ Attilio Zanchi, Antonio Fusco

Garrison Fewell Trio @ Fermento, Milan.  Attilio Zanchi, bass + Antonio Fusco, drums.

Folks, I love this trio of like minded spirits and true friends! If you are anywhere near Milan, please join us. I guarantee that we will all find a new pathway to peace this night…. it takes 12 days for the journey from Kamakura to Kyoto. We hope to see you there!

Via Camillo Ugoni n°18 – 20158 – Milano
Per Prenotazioni Tel. 02.87380668



~ by Garrison Fewell on March 7, 2012.

2 Responses to “March 20: Fermento, Milan. w/ Attilio Zanchi, Antonio Fusco”

  1. It’s been very classy and melodic. I enjoyed the gig. I also like the more adventurous material you had on CD. Just forgot to ask what you used to bow your guitar, looked like a drumstick, but I could not tell from my table.

    • Thank you for coming to the concert, I’m glad you liked the music on the CD too. Yes, more adventurous, improvised music than what we played at the club, except the one piece you are asking about: Venus. I use a very old drum stick from Bhutan. It has ribbed edges and 4 sides to the handle which is what I use to play variable rhythms and layers of overtones on the guitar. It bounces across the strings and is quite responsive to wrist movement and angle.

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