FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 2012 –8PM @ Outpost 186

Don’t miss this unique evening of musical couples entwined, intermingled, unwound… JUNK KITCHEN #4









DO YOU DO DUO, TWO? FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 2012 –8PM @ Outpost 186 186 1/2 Hampshire St. Cambridge, MA $10 suggested donation


In-it-for-the-long-haul: Garrison Fewell and Eric Hofbauer (guitars)

Skinny Vinny (drums and guitar)

second-date: Esther and Shelly (oboe and bassoon)

blind-date: Brian Abbott and Joshua DeScherer (guitar and contra-bass) …and others!

more info:  Junk Kitchen turns armchair psychologist with this one, as its patients will be coming tonight to get things off their chests! Couples tired from the daily grind, frustrated by a flirting affair or just sick of no one paying attention to them will have a chance to vent out in stream-of conscious improvs. Pairs who “just want to make it work” will display their communication skills by hashing out old emotional scars, coming to amends and forging new bonds which will help send them off onto the sunset. And perhaps new partnerships will be sparked, as the series also sets up some worthy singles on blind-date improvisations or gently nudges newly-met duos to keep on playing. In the process JK is going to keep its big mouth shut and take the Freudian approach. It will dim the lights, place fake plants around the room, put up generic pictures of beaches on the walls as patients lying down on a big cold leather couch will have the Doc saddle up next to them with a legal pad and an expensive pen. I can’t guarantee you that its notes won’t be full of doodles though . . . (Co-pay required)


~ by Garrison Fewell on April 25, 2012.

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