California Red

2009 Miner Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir – Garys’ Vineyard

Translucent, bright, beautiful pinot color. Aromas of raspberries, red currants and crisp aromatics. A satisfying, lively pinot that immediately grabs your attention… and your taste buds.  With the bottle open for a couple hours, this wine really evolves and the tannins begin to emerge, adding to the complexity which was previously hidden. With lovely acidity, the flavors continue to open: white pepper, cedar, tart wild cherry, and eventually the darker undercover of a shady forrest path becomes the primary focus. It has a finish that continues to please, later becoming much more Burgundian in style. At $50-$60, you can go wrong in Burgundy if you don’t know the producer, the vintage and the vineyard really well, but you can’t go wrong with Miner’s Pinot. Give this wine some time, either in the cellar or on the table, and don’t underestimate it’s potential on first opening. You will be well rewarded for your patience. And by the way, there is no error on the label which reads: “Garys’ Vineyard.”  An explanation from Miner’s website reads:  “Impressed by the world-class grapes grown by Gary Pisoni and Gary Fransconi, Miner began sourcing fruit from Monterey’s Santa Lucia Highlands in 1997….”  A winner!


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