Wine and Spirits – tasting notes

Here you will find notes from my tastings, mostly wine but also Bas Armagnac, Bourbon, and possibly beer… I haven’t gotten around to writing about beer yet. I have extensive notes on wines from my cellar, 25+ years worth, that I will be including, slowly. I will concentrate on current tastings and vintages while trying to keep up!

In the photo below I’m opening a bottle of Faccoli, a sparklingwine from Franciacorta. It’s on the yeast (not de-gorged) and so requires a quick hand to open the bottle upside down so the yeast is shot out, but immediately capping the bottle so as not to loose the precious liquid. An enjoyable ritual! The table is set with our friends at Franco Anselma’s restaurant in Serralunga… on the left are wine makers Gianni Cannonica (Barolo Paiagallo) and Franco Anselma (Barolo Vigna Rionda) followed by my friends Gigi, Mauro, Simona and Giuseppe from Bergamo.


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