Jean Paul Thevenet Morgon,  Vieilles Vignes 2006.  This Grand Cru Beaujolais Morgon from southern Burgundy near the town of Macon is more like a good Bourgogne than what you think of as typical Beaujolais – light, fruity and pleasant wines, made to drink now. Note: this is NOT your college freshman Beaujolais!  Made with Gamay Noir grapes from 70 year old vines, you could easily confuse it for a pinot noir with slightly smoother tannins.

Jean Paul Thevenet is known as one of the best producers of Grand Cru Beaujolais from Morgon, among the “Gang of Five” along with Marcel Lapierre, Jean Foillard,  Guy Breton, and Georges Descombes. When opening the bottle, a wave of dark aromas hits you, most definitely of mushrooms, moss covered forrest trails, organic aromatic scents, raspberry and cassis! The flavor is well structured yet smooth with flowing, rustic flavors –  a very pure, natural grape experience. Thevenet ferments the wine with natural yeast, no sulfites and unfiltered. There is a good amount of sediment in this ’06 after five years resting in my cellar, proving that no filtering was done. Excellent, at six years old and not fading! 93. 5/2012
Chiroubles D. Coquelet Vieilles Vignes 2009. Rich bright violet color, aromas simply jump from the glass – red fruit, currants, sweet red plums, macintosh apples, laurel, oregano and cinnamon. The taste is fruity but solid, refreshing and inviting at the same time. A solid wine, another fine example of Beaujolais at its best that offers a flavorful mouthful of fruit, good acidity, a long finish with a bit of tartness and a sweet/sour taste like biting into an unripe red plum. Grab a bottle of this if you can. I perfectly paired it with wood grilled swordfish steak marinated in white Burgundy wine, a dash of balsamic vinegar, garden rosemary and thyme with grilled eggplant. 90. 5/2012

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