Burgundy (white)

Meursault-Charmes Premier Cru Domaine Louis Latour-Giraud 2004. From the village of Meursault in the Cote d’Or comes this important premier cru of Charmes. A fresh and taut (not at all cloying) white Burgundy, and good example of terroir, fine earth and mineral qualities with persistent flavor. Slightly golden color, the aromas take time to open up and are best when the glass is warming: sweet wildflowers, freshly cut hay, oak and minerality. The crisp taste strikes immediately with an undercurrent of oak. If this were a musical mix, it has a wide spectrum between both high and low ends: minerals, stone, flint and fruit on top, medium ripe fruit, golden apple in the center, with a bit of oak madeira on the bottom. I’m just loving it two days in a row! 94

Jacqueson Rully 1er Cru La Pucelle 2005. Light to Medium bodied Chardonnay, the color is a nice pale yellow. The nose displays floral notes of white fruits, lemon, apple, white peach. The delicate flavors persist on the palette, and while not very complex, it has very solid structure, making it darn easy to drink. A fresh, bright taste copies the aromas; lemon, apple and peach with a flinty mineral finish. Perhaps best when young, this bottle seems a tiny bit oxidized, yet holding together nicely. I’ll have to try a second bottle. 87

Pernand Vergelesses Reserve En Cardeau 2002, Marius Delarche. Marked “Reserve” across the label in red letters, this Delarche (Chardonnay) has a glowing golden color, darker than the 2002 regular bottling. A toasted oak aroma strikes first, followed by liquored honey and floral scents that persist in penetrating attractiveness.  Medium bodied, solid chardonnay flavor with a healthy, yet balanced backbone of oak (not overpowering) and a very nice acidity that balances the fruit. Seems like it’s beginning to show signs of maderization but perhaps it’s simply a lovely combination of oak, age and fruit with a liquored finish: close call. It has good acidity and a crisp finish with an easy drinkability that makes the bottle dissappear fast – a very good sign! 89-90 Dec. 2011

Domaine Laleur-Piot Pernand Vergelesses 2005 Premier Cru. Pale straw color with a light golden hue from the oak aged Chardonnay. The nose of PV is always appealing: elegant scents of dried pear and apple – airy yet sharp and penetrating. On the palette this is flint-like with good acidity, not too heavy (not buttery at all) and with a pleasant oaky taste that emerges in the finish, which graciously lingers. The fact that the nose is so attractive and the finish doesn’t disappear quickly are two things that greatly contribute to its highly appreciated status in my cellar. Excellent paired with chicken marsala and vegetables. 89. Update! this is a wine that gets better after it’s open for a day. Now it’s pungent nose and crisp, bright steely taste takes it up a notch w/ added complexity in the finish. Completely enjoyable! 92   1/2012

Another bottle tasted on 9/12 is fantastic, maybe better yet? Ha! Pale greenish yellow color, crisp aromas of liquored pears and sweet golden delicious apple with toasted bread and honey. Bright taste that immediately satisfies and lingers in a delicate way. Fresh, lively, the oak is present but so well balanced, something hard to find in california Chardonnay! 94 for today, 2nd day open.


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