My favorite producer in Franciacorta is Faccoli. Claudio and Mario make the best sparkling wines “bollicine” in Italian. We have had the peasure of tasting so many of their wines, from Brut, Extra Brut, Dossaggio Zero Milesimato (no sugar added and bottled by the year). They are long-lived, complex like serious white wines (or red) and live a long time. One example was their still white wine from 1989/90. It was simply spectacular and not showing any signs of old age! The grapes that forms the base of their sparkling wines are Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco and Pinto Nero.

Faccoli 10 anni

Faccoli 2000, Extra Brut Riserva 10 anni: 108 months on yeast, bottled after 10 years of aging with a dosage of only 1 or 2 grams. 70% Chardonnay, 25% PInot Bianco, 5% PInto Nero.  Golden color, dark aromas, liquored fruits and wildflowers. Flavors of dried fruit,  prunes, hazelnut and almond.  At first taste, it has a freshness that turns to dark undertones of marsala that expands and rises in a meditative way! The longer it’s open, the more it develops as the Chardonnay emerges with fantastic depth – it becomes a great white wine! This was the first in a series of very hot years to follow. Claudio harvested on the 10th of August, very early!Usually he returns from vacation August 15th (Ferragosto in Italy) and starts to think about harvesting… but in 2000, if you waited any longer, you lost out! very long finish!


2002 Faccoli on the yeast! Golden color, aromas of wet straw, toasted bread, peach, apple, star anise spices. Lavender jumps out when you swirl the glass. Full body, round, crisp and tart, A wonderfully complex and ling finish, slight bitter amaro at the end. Amazing!!!  7/2012

2004 Faccoli Extra Brut. Bouquet of agrumi dolci (lemon and orange peel)with fresh floral scents and freshly cut grass jump out of the glass! Medium body with minerality and sea salt, a tartness with notes of unripe peaches. 8/ 2011

2004 Faccoli Extra Brut. Bouquet of yellow golden apples, grass, straw, and white peach. A dry yes fresh taste that excites the palette! Flavors of white plum, kiwi, dried herbs, sea salt and minerals. Great acidity and body with a long finish. LIke a champagne but easier to drink, more refreshing, more complexity without the sweetness or heaviness in champagne. the finish is like toasted bread and the aroma in an empty glass like a fine marsala. 8/2013

2008 Magnum  – Faccoli on the yeast (un-degorged). We drank this at the end of a Barolo tasting and it was a delight of the senses after 8 intense Barolos from 2002, 03, 04, 05, 06. Fresher and more alive than Dossaggio Zero or Extra Brut, more complexity and excitement. 8/2013


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